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Book review: Shadow and Bone (Reseña en ingles)


  • Title: Shadow and Bone.
  • Author: Leigh Bardugo.
  • Pages: 308.
  • Genres: Fantasy, young adult...
  • Saga/series: Yes, this is the first book of the Shadow and Bone series. There are 3 books (not including the little stories that go in between).


"'I've been waiting for you a long time, Alina,' he said. 'You and I are going to change the world.'
The Shadow Fold, a swathe of impenetrable darkness, is slowly destroying the once-great nation of Ravka.
Alina, a pale, lonely orphan, discovers a unique power that thrusts her into the world of the kingdom's magical elite - the Grisha. Could she be the key to setting Ravka free?
The Darkling, a man of seductive charm and terrifying power. If Alina is to fulfil her destiny, she must unlock her gift and face up to her dangerous attraction to him.
But what of Mal, Alina's childhood best friend? As Alina contemplates her dazzling new future, why can't she ever quite forget about him?


This book is written in first person, it's in Alina's point of view. Apart from the Before and After chapters, which are in third person.
I have to say that I absolutely love this book: I love the names (even though most of them seem to be Russian related), I love the characters, the descriptions are great (they aren't too detailed to the point where you want to fall asleep because the author describes one thing excessively).
One thing that bothered me the slightest bit is the cover of the book. The next books in the series have the amplifiers on the covers: the ice dragon, Rusalye, and the fire bird. Whereas Shadow and Bone has the Little Palace on the cover and after having read the book, I would have liked for there to have been a stag, Morozova's stag, on the cover of the book. Another thing that bothered me is that you're kind of just "thrown" into the world, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I would have liked for a few things to have been explained a bit better.


"“Why can a Grisha possess but one amplifier? I will answer this question instead: What is infinite? The universe and the greed of men.”

Alina Starkov

I really like Alina, I felt that I could connect to her (because of this fact, I like that the book is in her point of view). At the beginning of the book, she's just an ordinary girl with a sassy attitude, but then she discovers that she is Grisha. At first the transition from having no powers to all of a sudden having them and having the "weight" (a lot is expected of her) on her shoulders is tough on Alina, but she ploughs her way through her problems.


The Darkling

I really like the Darkling even though he is the villain, I feel that he is still human although he makes himself seem like a monster. At times, he is cruel but with how he was brought up and the fact that he is ancient (he has lived for a very long time, even though he looks young), I suppose it makes sense that he doesn't care much for the consequences to the people that he doesn't care for. He has a goal in mind, and he will stop at nothing until he has achieved it.


Mal (Malyen Oretsev)

I wasn't too sure what to think of Mal, at first he seemed like a bit of a jerk, but in the end he is a good guy. He is an excellent tracker, and this skill helps him and Alina along the way.



Even though Genya isn't a main character, I'd like to mention her anyway because I like her. I like her personality, she's outgoing and confident in herself. I also like the fact that she's gorgeous but she only has eyes for David, a Fabrikator who seems to only be interested in his tools and his workshop.
"“Did you miss me, Alina? Did you miss me when you were gone?"
"Every day," I said hoarsely.
"I missed you every hour. And you know what the worst part was? It caught me completely by surprise. I'd catch myself walking around to find you, not for any reason, just out of habit, because I'd seen something I wanted to tell you about, or because I just wanted to hear your voice. And then I'd realise that you weren't there anymore, and every time, every single time, it was like having the wind knocked out of me. I've risked my life for you. I've walked half the length of Ravka for you, and I'd do it again and again and again just to be with you, just to starve with you and freeze with you and hear you complain about hard cheese every day. So don't tell me we don't belong together," he said fiercely. He was very close now, and my heart was suddenly hammering in my chest. "I'm sorry it took me so long to see you, Alina. But I see you now.”
The love in this book is realistic, it has it's ups and downs but in the end, all ends well.

Ultimately I love Leigh Bardugo's writing in this book, it keeps you hooked until the end of the book and when you get to it, you're impatient to read the next book.


"“The Darkling slumped back in his chair. “Fine,” he said with a weary shrug. “Make me your villain.” 


I give this book a 5.

Admi Megs

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Book tag: Elementos del verano.

¡Hola a todos! Aquí venimos con el booktag con los elementos del verano, aun que llegamos un poco tarde por que el verano esta apunto de acabarse, pero bueno... ¡da igual! XD

1. Agua: Un libro que todavía no has leído y que estas deseando leer.
Ana: Puff... Hay muchos. Pero creo que uno de los que más ganas le tengo es La Lectora de Traci Chee. 

Mew: A Court of Thorns and Roses de Sarah J. Maas.

2. Calor: Un libro que no te haya gustado nada y otro que te haya gustado mucho.
Ana: Un libro que me ha encantado seria Pasajera de Alexandra Bracken, este libro lo acabo de terminar hace unos días y me ha encantado. 

Y uno que no me gustara seria Sin Lugar de Jon Robinson, por que ese libro es un completo desastre sin sentido. 

Mew:  Pues... el que no me gusto seria RoseBlood de A.G. Howard. A ver, sí me ha gustado un poco este libro pero es peor que he leido en lo que va de año. 

 Y el que me gusto seria Siege and Storm de Leigh Bardugo. Me ha encantado este libro además salen mi personaje favorito y debo añadir que adoro la serie Grisha en general.

3. Fiesta: Un libro que te hayas leído expresamente por el autor o porque todo el mundo se lo ha leído.
Ana: Bueno aquí voy a hacer un pequeño trampa porque no es un libro que ya he leído pero si que tengo intención de leerlo por su autora, y ese libro es Heartless de Marissa Meyer.

Mew: Hace años que me leí Night Stalker de Chris Carter y desde ese he leído The Crucifix Killer, The Executioner y The Death Sculptor porque me encanta como escribe este autor. También probaría cualquier libro escrito por Marissa Meyer y Leigh Bardugo, y cuando me haya leído mas libros seguramente podre añadir mas autores a esta lista.

4. Ropa ligera: Un libro que te compraras simplemente por haber leído el argumento (sin haber leído reseñas, conocer el autor, ver el precio, el numero de paginas...).
Ana: Arena Roja de Gema Bonnín.

Mew: Orphan of the Carnival de Carol Birch.

5. Ventilador o aire acondicionado: Un libro que te costara terminar de leer (o que, incluso, no llegaste a terminar).
Ana: War of the Fae de Elle Casey, si llegue a terminarlo pero se me hizo muy pesado.

Mew: The Heretic Land de Tim Lebbon.

6. Viaje: Un libro en cuyo universo/planeta/país te gustaría adentrarte para pasar las vacaciones.
Ana: Muy fácil, me iría de vacaciones a El país de las Maravillas.

Mew: Obviamente Wonderland!

Y hasta aquí el booktag, esperamos que os haya gustado.
Hasta otro día ^^

Ana y Mew.

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Book review: RoseBlood by A.G. Howard. (Reseña en ingles)

Book review:

  • Title: RoseBlood.
  • Author: A.G. Howard.
  • Pages: 410
  • Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Retelling...
  • Saga/series: No

In this modern day spin on Leroux’s gothic tale of unrequited love turned to madness, seventeen-year-old Rune Germain has a mysterious affliction linked to her operatic talent, and a horrifying mistake she’s trying to hide. Hoping creative direction will help her, Rune’s mother sends her to a French arts conservatory for her senior year, located in an opera house rumoured to have ties to The Phantom of the Opera. 

At RoseBlood, Rune secretly befriends the masked Thorn—an elusive violinist who not only guides her musical transformation through dreams that seem more real than reality itself, but somehow knows who she is behind her own masks. As the two discover an otherworldly connection and a soul-deep romance blossoms, Thorn’s dark agenda comes to light and he’s forced to make a deadly choice: lead Rune to her destruction, or face the wrath of the phantom who has haunted the opera house for a century, and is the only father he’s ever known.

I really wanted to read this book because I got it at the beginning of this year and I absolutely fell in love with the cover. And after having read The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, I was very curious to see what this book would be like.

"How precious and fragile the bond," he'd said. "It can be heaven or utter hell"

The first thing that I have to mention is the fact that this book took me quite a while to read (roughly two weeks). When I really get into a book, I will sit somewhere and read for hours on end. One thing that bothered me quite a bit is that the author uses the terms incubus and succubus so as to not repeat "psychic vampire" all the time, but they aren't the same thing. A succubus is a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men, whereas an incubus is a male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women. I also didn't like the fact that most of the characters came across as being "flat, plain" with not enough development, for example, Rune's friends from the new school.

I have already mentioned the fact that I love the cover, I also like the red (burgundy) font in the book. This book is told in dual points of view, which is interesting because Rune and Thorn are two different characters and being able to read two sides to the same story is refreshing. Another thing that is interesting is that, at the beginning of every chapter there is a quote (some of them are from The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux).

"But I must not be seen, for I would haunt their dreams".


A part of myself likes the fact that when it's in Rune's point of view it's in first person but then another part of myself doesn't like it, because she isn't my favourite character and while I was reading this book, I felt like I couldn't really connect to her because she's really superstitious but at the same time she forces herself to make sense of strange situations.


When the book is in Thorn's point of view it's in third person, which disappointed me a little bit because he is one of my favourite characters and I would have liked for his point of view to be in first person. He has such an interesting but sad background, and I like the fact that he didn't turn out to be crazy, even after having been under the care of The Phantom.

Diable (the cat)

This cat is an important part in this story and he has to be one of my favourite characters because he's loyal and extremely smart, he understands when people talk to him. I really like the fact that he can sneak around without people noticing and he can open doors (not all pets can do that, can they?)


 As I have read The Phantom of the Opera written by Gaston Leroux, I already knew what he was going to be like to an extent, and I can say that I liked him in that book. I also like Erik in this book, even though he seemed to be a bit more deranged.

The love in this story is instant-love. On the one hand, I like this kind of love but I normally only like it when werewolves are concerned (I don't know why, but I just like the whole idea of soulmates). And on the other hand, it just seemed a bit too unrealistic. In my mind, it would have been better if there had been a bit more of a development between them.

"Laughter echoed outside my door along with the sound of my four friends horsing around. Hearing them, wanting to be with them, hurt more than I thought it would. I know they're safer if I avoid them. But why did they have to be so great? And why did I let them into my heart?"

Ultimately I have to say that I did like the book although I most definitely can't say that I loved it because if I had, I would have read it much quicker that I did.


I give this book a 3 out of five.

Admi Megs

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Canciones kpop Mayo 2017 (Week 3 y 4)

Hola todos.
Aquí vengo con las canciones que me han llamado la atención estas dos semanas en el Top 50 de mayo, empecemos.

Teen Top - Love is.

Hace mucho que no escuchaba una canción de Teen Top, aun que no es mi grupo favorito pero si me gustan algunas canciones suyas, así que me alegro de volver a verlos. Y esta canción va directa a mi lista de "me gusta", con un ritmo muy bueno y una letra genial, ademas el baile me a encantado (sobretodo un movimiento chulisimo que hacen en el minuto 3:25).
Aun que el concepto no me ha gustado tanto, pero aun así no esta mal.

Conclusión: Aprobado.

A.C.E - Cactus.

Este es grupo nuevo, o por lo menos yo nunca lo había escuchado. Pero debo decir que me ha gustado, el MV empieza con una coreografía muy buena y aun que la canción es un poco diferente a lo que suelo escuchar, me gustado. Simplemente no le he encontrado mucho sentido a la letra, pero no esta mal.
Lo doy por bueno.

Conclusión: Aprobado

Miso - KKPP

Pues... con este MV no se muy bien que decir. Me gusta el baile y me gusta el concepto de chica ruda. Y bueno, al principio el ritmo de la canción si me gusto, pero luego a medida que iba avanzando el vídeo... ya no tanto.
La letra no esta mal pero tampoco me a gustado mucho.

Conclusión: Suspendido

Minzy - Ni na no

Esta canción si que no me a gustado. El MV se ve muy bien y el concepto si que me gusta, pero la coreografía no me parece muy buena. Y la canción en si... no me a convencido, lo único que me a gustado a sido la parte del rap de Flowsik, pero el resto no.

Conclusión: Suspendido

Got7 - Never Ever

Esta canción me a encantado y a ido directa a mi móvil. Tiene una muy buena coreografía, buen ritmo, el concepto del MV estaba genial y los oppas estaban guapísimos *_*
Ademas de que la letra me a parecido muy bonita.

Conclusión: Aprobado

Y hasta aquí las canciones. Ya se que esta vez no ha habido tantas canciones como la vez anterior, pero es que en esta ocasión no a habido tantas canciones que me han llamado la atención. 
Espero que aun así os haya gustado esta entrada y dejadme en los comentarios que opináis.
¿A vosotros os a gustado algunas de estas canciones?

Admi Ana.

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Review: The Phantom of the Opera. (Reseña en inlges)

Book Review:

  • Title: The Phantom of the Opera.
  • Author: Gaston Leroux.
  • Pages: 360.
  • Gender: Thriller, romance and mystery.
  • Saga: No.
  • In Spanish: Yes.
  • Price: 6,97 €
The Phantom of the Opera was originally written in French, as I don't know French I've only read it in English. Although, someday I would like to read it in French.

Christine Daaé's father dies and leaves her with the belief that a protective angel of music will guide her. She is raised in the Paris Opera House, where she will hear a voice, who will teach her how to sing beautifully. All seems to be well until her childhood friend Raoul comes to visit his parents, who are patrons of the opera. The voice, who is the deformed, murderous 'ghost' of the opera house named Erik, however, grows violent in his terrible jealousy. The phantom is in love, but it can only spell disaster. 

First of all, I should mention that I read this book because I wanted to read BloodRose by A.G. Howard, which is a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera. And I also read it because I wanted to be able to say that I have read a classic.

"If I am the phantom, it is because man's hatred has made me so. If I am to be saved it is because your love redeems me."

Even though it's clear that it's old, and theatrical, it is a very good book, but I don't love it.

One of the reasons I did not like it is because of the edition, I do not know how it is in other versions, but the edition of the book that I have is enormous and I found it very uncomfortable when it came to reading it.
The prose of the author made it seem very long and tedious to read, therefore it took a long time to read it.
Even though one of the things I did love about this book is that Gaston Leroux wrote it in such a way that you start to believe that Erik is really a ghost and not a living man. I also really liked the fact that the novel is sometimes tragic and other times inspiring.

"¿Are people so unhappy when they love?"
"Yes, Christine, when they love and are not sure of being loved.” "

Erik/ The Phantom

Erik becomes obsessed with Christine Daae and makes her the centre of his universe. But as Erik suffered through a loveless childhood and years of being a "freak show" he developed some serious issues. Even though Erik is mad, he is a musical genius. Erik manipulates, terrorizes and even kills to further Christine Daae's career in the Opera House. And even after everything that he has done, I believe him to be a sympathetic villain because all he wanted was Christine Daae to care for him as much as he cared for her.

Christine Daae

She is the object of Erik's love and desire but she is terrified of him. She is shallow with a good heart: if Erik were handsome, she would probably love him instead of being afraid of him.
I can't say that I hate this character but I also can't say that I love her either, she just seems wishy-washy, changing opinion continuously, (and there were moments where it was stressful) and she just seems to be a complete damsel in distress. 


I didn't love this character either because he just seems childish and whiny, he is also a very jealous character.

The love in this story seemed to me to be adequate, as the protagonists knew each other since their childhoods and even though at first it seems like  Christine doesn't love Raoul and that she denies her feelings, in the end they end up being right for each other. But as the villain of this story is, as I said before, a character that you can get to sympathize with, in my mind I would have liked for him to have a happy ending.

"I tore off my mask so as not to lose one of her tears... ¡and she did not run away!... ¡and she did not die!... She remained alive, weeping over me, weeping with me. ¡We cried together! I have tasted all the happiness the world can offer.” "   

In short, the book entertained me but I did not love it, although I do recommend it because I think it is worth reading.

I rate this book a 3 over 5.

Admi Megs.

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¡Hola a todos! Hoy vengo con una entrada diferente.

Es que justo hoy me llego este paquete y como a mi no me suelen llegar muchos paquetes, he decidido aprovechar esta ocasión para hacer un unboxing.
Y os preguntareis ¿de donde viene este paquete?
Pues, resulta que este maravilloso paquete me viene de parte del blog Looking for a book, ya que ellas estaban organizando un sorteo hace poco y... ¡tachan, tachan! yo fui la ganadora.
Y mi premio es...

Un ejemplar de Pasajera de Alexandra Bracken, junto a un marcapaginas precioso del blog Looking for a book y una carta muy mona dándome las gracias por participar. ^_^
Les doy las gracias a  Tessa y Gwen por el premio
Esta misma noche me empezare el libro, por que llevo una eternidad queriendo leerlo y ya que esta aquí ¡no puedo hacerle esperar! 

En fin, esto ha sido todo por hoy, mañana procurare subir mi opinión de las canciones kpop Mayo week 3 y 4, y el jueves o el viernes subiré reseña. (Si, ya se que debería haber subido una antes, pero es la primera reseña que hago en mi vida y me esta costando... Sorry)

Nos leemos mañana, bye bye. 

Admi Ana.

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Canciones Kpop de Mayo (Week 1 y 2)

Esta es una nueva sección que se me a ocurrido empezar, para todos los fans del kpop.
Consistirá en que cada semana, cuando salga el Top 50 de la semana, yo lo mirare y de allí apuntare las canciones que me han llamado la atención, y aquí os dejare mi opinión sobre cada una cuando las haya revisado al completo.

SNUPER - Back:Hug

Una canción con buen ritmo desde el principio, un MV un tanto confuso pero eso en el kpop ya no es novedad XD De todas formas ha estado bien y me ha gustado el aspecto de los chicos (y ya he fichado a alguno :P)
Me ha gustado la letra de la canción y la coreografía me a encantado.
Conclusión: Aprobado

Melody Day - Kiss on the Lips

Creo que es un grupo nuevo por que nunca las había visto antes, pero me han gustado.
Una buena cancion, con concepto sexy (¡¡al fin uno que no es kawaii!!) y muy veraniego, y el baile esta genial, aun que es de los sencillos pero aun así me a gustado bastante.
Conclusion: Aprobado

Victon - Eyez Eyez

Primera vez que oigo ha este grupo, y con esta canción debo decir que no son de mi estilo.
Es una canción muy movida y la coreografía es buenísima eso si, pero la melodía... es demasiado extraña para mi gusto, demasiados efectos de sonido.
Conclusión: Suspendido

Seven O'Clock - Echo

De nuevo un grupo que no conocía y que no me a causado una buena impresión.
La canción empezaba bien pero al llegar al estribillo... allí ya no, otra cosa que no me ha gustado es el rap ( mas concretamente, el rap del chico de pelo negro corto y chaqueta roja). Tampoco me a gustado el concepto del MV y el baile... eso si estaba bien, pero tampoco son de los mejores.
Conclusión: Suspendido

Gfriend - Fingertip

Este grupo ya lo conocía de antes, pero nunca me había llamado la atención por que siempre lo he visto que seguía la linea del concepto kawaii (es decir, todo muy adorable y inocente). A mi no me gusta los grupos con ese estilo. Y aun que este MV también tiene un toque Kawaii, no es tanto como otros, así que no esta mal y la canción tiene un ritmo que me gusta, me suena diferente a otras canciones que he escuchado de ellas. 
El baile también que me ha gustado, se ve bien trabajado y movido, no adorable XD
Conclusión: Aprobado

K.A.R.D - Rumor

Este grupo se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos, aun que hace poco que debuto pero es que sus canciones me encantan.
Y esta no ha sido menos, aun que debo decir que el estribillo no me gusta tanto, me gusta mas el resto de la canción. Sobretodo me encantan las partes de BM y J.Seph ^^
Eso si el baile me parece genial y el concepto del MV también, ¡Figthing K.A.R.D!
Conclusión: Aprobado

Winner - Really Really

Primera vez que me pongo ha escuchar una canción de Winner, es que nunca antes me habían llamado la atención, pero esta canción me gusta.
Una canción con un ritmo un poco más lento que las anteriores pero con una letra, en mi opinión, preciosa y una melodía muy fresca. No se por que pero me suena una canción perfecta para el verano.
Aun que la coreografía no me ha gustado tanto, ya que me da la sensación de que solo hay chicas hiendo de un lado para otro. Pero el concepto del MV si que me ha gustado (les quedaban muy bien los trajes, se veían muy bien ahgsgfvbhds... XD), y ademas me gusta que lo hayan hecho en blanco y negro, le da un buen toque.
Conclusión: Aprobado

SF9 -Easy Love

De esta canción debo decir que no me ha gustado absolutamente nada.
Ni la melodía, ni el estilo del MV, ni siquiera la coreografía, ¡nada!
Con esto no digo que sea un mal grupo, pero simplemente no son de mi estilo.
Conclusión: Suspendido

Girl's Day - I'll Be Yours.
Simplemente puedo decir, que me a parecido fantástica esta canción ^^
Con mucho ritmo, un toque rudo y sexy. Un baile genial y el MV igual, aun que algo confuso, no entiendo muy bien que tiene que ver el ring de boxeo con todo lo demás pero bueno, igualmente me gusta.
Conclusión: Aprobado

Black 6XI - Please

¡Muy Buena! Aun que tiene un toque triste, pero me ha encantado.
Y el estilo del MV estaba genial, muy acorde a la canción, lo malo es que con el tono gris del vídeo no se podía apreciar tan bien a los oppas guapetones, pero bueno a estado bien (Me ha encantado la voz del de la coleta *-*). La coreografía también me ha gustado, muy trabajada.
Conclusión: Aprobado

Y hasta aquí las opiniones sobre las canciones que mas me han llamado la atención del Top 50 Mayo 2017 Week 1 y 2.
Obviamente había más canciones en el top, pero estas son las que en un primer momento me gustaron, aun que luego algunas no me han gustado. Pero esto es solo mi opinión, no he querido ofender a ningún grupo o fan cuando digo que no me ha gustado según que MV o canción.

Espero que os haya gustado y dejadme en los comentarios ¿Cuales son las canciones que os han llamado la atención a vosotros? ¿Coincidimos en alguna?

Admi Ana